Say goodbye to the ageing effect on lips.

As with many other areas of the face, lips are not immune to the effect of ageing. Noticeable changes include fine lines in the upper lip – creating a smudged appearance between the lip edge and the surrounding skin. The Cupid’s bow loses definition and the lips turn inwards.

One of the biggest problems with lip treatments today is that they have the potential to make lips look unnatural. Over-augmentation can lead to a dreaded ‘trout pout’ or ‘rubber tyre’ look. As a trained professional with an anatomical background, Dr Taylor knows that a good treatment should always ensure that the lips are balanced and in proportion with the overall size and shape of the face.

Rushmere Dental Care are one of the first practitioners in the area to offer this new treatment. The Restylane technique recreates the harmonious heart shape appearance of the lips. So now you are able to achieve lips that are not only natural but beautiful too.